Dick and Janelle to Webcast for 'Big Brother 11'

Former housemates return as Big Brother airs its eleventh season this year, with the addition of Dick (BB8) and Janelle (BB6/7). According to several reports, the two of them will be doing a podcast in the style of "he said/she said" every week.

Teaming up this summer are these notorious ex-contestants to bring us their opinions of what's going on in Big Brother this season. If you recall, "Evel Dick" Donato was known for his intense temper tantrums, but he eventually won the competition. Meanwhile, Janelle Pierzina got third place in both Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7: All-Stars. She has been returning to the show to hosts a variety of competitions.

With all the buzz surrounding Big Brother 11, the website BBDish talked to Dick about his upcoming role on the show. "I will be doing my weekly webcast for Real Player again this year," he said.

"I have some fun guests lined up, and we will be out on locations more this season," he hinted. "We will also have more past houseguests."

As for his partnership with Janelle, Dick explained: "I will also be doing a weekly webcast with Janelle to fill the void left by the Cancellation of Housecalls. It will be a call in show that will talk about the feeds and anything and everything else going on in the house and being talked about on the internet."

He went on, "I will be in studio while Janelle will be in NYC, but will be as good as sitting next to me co-hosting the show (well, as good as for you people, but I am getting jipped.)"

Their "He said, She said" column, on the other hand, will be a back and forth process between them. "[O]ne week I will start off by writing my summary/thoughts/opinion on the happenings of the week in the Big Brother house," Dick revealed. "I will send it to Janelle where she will then write her opinion/feelings/thoughts about MY writings. It will come back to me, where I will write my thoughts on her response, then back to her."

"The next week she will start. I will respond. She will respond to my response. I will respond and wrap it for the week," he said. "Basically we both comment twice. We will take turns starting it off every week."

There's no doubt that it's going to be an exciting return for Big Brother. Don't miss the show as it premieres later this year.

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