Recap: First Three Top 12 Finalists Revealed

America has voted, and the first three of the final 12 will be revealed on Wednesday. Tuesday's show was a mixed bag of performances from our first group: Anoop, Alexis and Danny performed well under pressure, while Casey and Stevie made disastrous song choices. Who will make it through to the coveted top 12?

Full Disclosure: If you don't already know, I'm going to tell you now that I hate the "reveal" shows. They are drawn-out drama fests and usually involve some awful, homemade music video that pimps their sponsors' products. So, let's keep this short and to the point, shall we?

Ryan asks the judges about last night's performances. Randy was disappointed, but said some people stepped up to the plate. Did we watch the same show? I thought eight of the 12 performers were terrible! Well, not all the same degree of terrible... Stevie picked a horrid song, while Ricky has zero personality. And I couldn't help but think, after watching so many train wrecks, about how unfair this new format is to the contestants. Think about last year: Do you really think Jason Castro or Brooke White would have made it through? Plus, don't you think that contestants like Castro and White made last year's competition much more interesting?

After a montage of the wannabes' journey to the top 36, they launch into a group rendition of "I'm Yours," by Jason Mraz. It's so sad for me to watch these numbers knowing that so many of the singers will be bye-bye after the results are revealed in a few short minutes. And the ensemble routines also make me cringe! They all just look forced. A twisted version of Romper Room kept popping in my head: "I see Casey's still making her cougar faces. Oh, and I see Tatiana dancing awkwardly. And I see Stevie, oh sweet Stevie, who sang such a tragically bad song." Don't make me watch any more!

Ryan picks off the contestants one by one, and the first to make it through is Alexis Grace (whose adorable dad starts bawling upon hearing the good news). After a few more awkward eliminations, Michael Sarver is chosen as the second person to make it to the top 12. He looks genuinely moved and grateful. Aw, I'm glad he got another chance, though I'm bummed we won't see more of Anoop.

Before the third person is revealed, Season 7's Carly Smithson and Michael Johns pop out on stage for a visit. They sing "The Letter" together, and we can see why they made it as far as they did last season. They are awesome. Michael also lets us know his album is done and is dropping in May (wink, wink).

Back to the contestants ... Oh jeez: Tatiana looks like she's gonna pass out or throw up. It's between her and Danny Gokey for the last spot. My TV will be thrown out the window if Tata makes it through. Luckily for my TV and my back, Danny makes it into the final 12.

What did you think of the outcome? Who do you want to show up as a wild card on March 5?

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Feb 19, 2009 1:22PM EST

You made a nice recap. I watched the one hour American Idol last night also. I am glad I am not the only one who would through their televisions outside if Tata was going make it. I dislike her. I agree with Simon that she is a "drama Queen." I liked how the camera looked at Tata at the end and how she was crying. We all knew that Danny Gokey was getting one of the three spots. Their was no surprise to the way she acted because she is looking for fame. I hope I see Anoop and Brent in the wild card. What are your favorites which you think should of made it?

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