Futurama: "That Darn Katz" Review Season 6, Episode 8

I don't know about you, but I find it hard not to laugh at something cute and adorable trying to take over the world. Or save it. This is why I love Nibbler when he's in "protector of the universe" mode. And I guess that's why I enjoyed the cat takeover storyline of "That Darn Katz!" Yes, I could have done without the overly used cutie patootie voices, but that left a lot of other things to enjoy.

A number of the cat-related jokes weren't entirely unexpected, but the way in which these lines were delivered gave them that extra twist toward hilarity. No surprise that the cat aliens landed in Ancient Egypt and were then treated like gods. But hearing they were fed "feasts that were fancy" and "vittles so tender," were the real punchlines to the gag. A cat planet with cities built from scratching posts was a bit obvious, but I didn't see the chicken-salmon coming. Later, telling the cats to "get to their posts" was good for a chuckle. And though I've never owned a malicious cat, I loved that as they left Earth to scorch and freeze, they added that they also "left a dead bird in your slipper."

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