'Project Runway' Gets Personal

Now that Project Runway has been supersized, does it seem like they're spending more time with the personal stuff? We got to see more designers eating, dragging on their clothes in the morning and sobbing. Yeah, there was a lot of sobbing.

For Crying Out Loud

When Nicholas was eliminated, he couldn't contain his tears and that's understandable but what's up with Mondo? His voiceovers made it sound like he preferred to be by himself but then he curled up in the fetal position and sobbed when he wasn't included in after dinner drinks. I'd get it if he was Jason, but Mondo seems like a nice guy and considering this is the fashion business, he can hardly be called weird. Besides, the other guys didn't bar him from the kitchen, he simply chose to wallow instead of make friends. Mondo fears that he's only loved for his talent which is both a blessing and a curse. Hey, it's better than never being loved at all (Jason), right?

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