Interview: Charlie McCann of 'Hell's Kitchen'

Chef Gordon Ramsay makes sure that there's always a surprise in every episode of Hell's Kitchen. On Thurdsday night, with two Blue Team chefs up for elimination, Ramsay asked each for his reason to stay. Charlie, a 24-year-old prep chef, offered a succinct and sincere plea to the tune of, I can cook, I have experience, and I really want to impress you. Then it was sad sack Seth's turn to ramble about how he wanted Ramsay to paint a canvas of food knowledge on his beginner brain and how he is absolutely loving being yelled at. Where's the stop button? Ramsay finally asked for all our sakes.

Unfortunately for Charlie, last night's surprise came at his expense, and he was just as shocked as the rest of us when Ramsay said the fateful words to the 24-year-old Las Vegas native: Take off your jacket.

We had a chance to talk to Charlie about his experience on the show, what he thinks about that bizarre elimination ceremony, and what life is like after leaving Hell's Kitchen.

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