Interview: Candace Smith of 'Survivor: Tocantins'

Survivor: Tocantins continued on thursday night with a lively episode full of social and strategic blunders. Sandy, Taj and Sierra all appeared to be in danger of going home but in the end Timbera unanimously chose Candace Smith, the attorney-turned-actress from Dayton, Ohio. Candace struck me as a direct but clear communicator around camp and one of the more athletic women in the challenges. But she got caught in an escalating battle of personal pride with Ben Coach Wade over a fairly banal day-to-day cooking issue. Both of them seemed to have trouble backing down when confronted with a challenge and, while I personally liked Candace, it was fairly obvious from the beginning that Coach held a much more secure position within the tribe. He wasn't going home this week no matter what happened. Candace could have backed down or marched onward to her doom. Candace's ouster was short and swift but the tribe held together as seven strong, either a sign that they're truly unified or that Coach has a lot of power. Earlier today we talked with Candace about Coach's aggressiveness with her and Sierra, Debbie's forgetfulness and Sierra and Brendan's cover up of the giant crater.

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