THE GOOD GUYS ''Common Enemies'' Advance Review

THE GOOD GUYS Common Enemies Episode 10 - In the Common Enemies episode of THE GOOD GUYS, which I had the chance to watch early, Jack and Dan must assist a pompous forensic expert in a search for the Tech Bandit, a master cat burglar. Meanwhile Ruiz needs Liz's help in a prostitution sting.

This is a bit of a change-up episode in that there are two cases being investigated and Jack and Dan's original case is really the less important one. Also, I think the writers have listened to some fan concerns because the villains are more interesting and developed and, like last week, the flashbacks are much less frequent giving the show better flow. Plus, Dan shares a family secret that confirms something many of us have suspected.

The bow-tied Dr. Alphonse LaViolette is played with gusto by Ethan Phillips, best known as Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager and he’s a hoot. Jack and Dan, unsurprisingly, don't take well to LaViolette's smug attitude, and they opt to compete with him rather than assist him. This may be the week I get kicked off the force, says Dan. In the race to find the tech bandit (whose motive I love, by the way), we learn that Dan is a barbecue sauce connoisseur and that he has no problem doing multiple takes for the film student he and Jack stole from LaViolette.

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