LONE STAR ''One In Every Family'' Review Season 1, Episode 2

One In Every Family, the second episode of FOX's LONE STAR, did not live up to the mini-movie pilot, but developed some interesting twists, indulged in a few soap opera moments and is a little too slow paced without the simmering tension which compensates for a show like Mad Men's snail crawl, but ultimately remained entertaining and intriguing as Bob Allen's cover for his double life unravels just a little...

If you do not buy James Wolk's performance as Bob Allen, then the joys of this show may go over your head. Then of course there's the premise that may not appeal to you; one man deceives and steals and falls in love with two different women on opposite ends of Texas, juggling a con man father and infiltrating his wife's family oil business.

There are shows, like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, where the central character is morally reprehensible. This is the case with Lone Star, but Bob Allen's lies are much bigger in a way. Sure, he's not dealing meth, he never took on a dead man's identity. But whilst he may love Lindsay and Cat now, when he started off they were his targets. He used Cat to infiltrate the Thatcher clan, and Lindsay to score some cash from her folks.

At least Don Draper and Walter White initially loved their wives; circumstances mostly out of their control caused much of the turmoil in the lives of their families. Bob Allen creates the circumstances himself. And he is afraid of pain. He should have left Lindsay when he had the chance. He did not, he married her, he claims he loves her. Maybe he just loves himself, and the con game too much.

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