HUMAN TARGET ''Ilsa Pucci'' Season 2 Premiere Advance Review

HUMAN TARGET Ilsa Pucci Season 2, Episode 1 - I was lucky enough to see the Ilsa Pucci season 2 premiere of HUMAN TARGET early, and I have to say, the season definitely starts strong. Picking up just two days after the Winston's abduction in the season one finale, we find Chance and Guerrero preparing to rescue him. I love it when shows jump right in and resolve a cliffhanger, and Human Target does it in spectacular fashion.

The big news about Human Target over the summer was the addition of Indira Varma (Luther) and Janet Montgomery (Entourage) to the cast. Varma plays Ilsa Pucci, a supremely wealthy widow who goes to great lengths to hire Chance because she fears for her life while Montgomery is Ames, a thief who takes the wrong job, attracting the attention of the team. It's much too early to tell what kind of effect Ilsa and Ames will have long term, but I think-despite Ames's too over-done sexy entrance (changing in an elevator-really?)-there's reason to be optimistic. Ilsa is a bit more sarcastic and fun than I expected, while Ames has shades of Leverage's Parker and Warehouse 13's Claudia and gives Guerrero my favorite moment of the night when he first meets/catches her. Actually, all of their time together is full of win, but that's because it's Guerrero.

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