WAREHOUSE 13 ''For the Team'' Review Season 2, Episode 7

With Pete still grounded after his delusions, Claudia gets her first mission in the For the Team episode of WAREHOUSE 13. A college wrestling team with a seven year losing streak is suddenly unstoppable and two teammates spontaneously combust. Myka and Claudia investigate, with some unexpected help from Helena G. Wells who claims to want to go back to work at the warehouse because it`s all she has left. A struggle over the artifact, a ladle, sends Claudia into a vat of affected energy drink and Helena concocts an antidote to prevent Claudia from going up in flames. Back at the warehouse, Artie has grown back his appendix with the help of Barnum's Top so he can spend some time with the warehouse doctor, Vanessa Calder (the one and only Lindsay Wagner). Unfortunately his plan goes awry when she must leave to treat a regent and Pete has to convince veterinarian Kelly Hernandez to operate on Artie.

The different pairings in For the Team are fun and unexpected. Claudia trying - and failing spectacularly - to be Myka, Jr. is as hilarious as Myka's tough love pep talk is touching. Claudia is great all around tonight, from her discomfort in the locker room to her If I did combust, I'm gonna be pissed. Putting her in the field more will give her better opportunities to grow, and I so hope we get to see her in college, too.

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