So You Think You Can Dance: Your Pocket Guide To (And My Wish List For) the Season Finale

Since tonight and tomorrow night wraps up the fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance, I won't speculate much for this, the final episode preview for the time being. That's why the title isn't a simple "previewing" whatever. It's been promoted to a "pocket guide", only it's harder to actually print out and fold and fit in your pocket.

But it's my wish list, too. It's my first, so let me indulge, as I fondly look back at both the season that's going to pass and my trip through introductions and quarter-expertise. But I won't talk much, or at least I'll try not to. Let's begin, then.

The finale is, of course, going to be held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood--finally, American Idol's hyperactive sister show gets the same treatment!--for two hours tonight, and two hours tomorrow night. We've already discussed tonight's performances, but it wasn't really complete, so I did some digging around and found more details from one who's seen the whole thing already.

Brandon and Evan: hip-hop (LaurieAnn Gibson)

Jeanine and Brandon: paso doble (Louis van Amstel)

Jeanine and Evan: jazz (Sonya Tayeh)

Jeanine and Kayla: contemporary (Mia Michaels)

Kayla and Brandon: Broadway (Tyce Diorio)

Kayla and Evan: jive (Tony Meredith)

I also read about a Wade Robson group performance. But that's spoiling you too much.

Anyway, the judges' table will be full: Nigel, Mary, Mia, Tyce, Adam and Debbie will be around to pass judgment, and perhaps cover their ears when necessary. Their other purpose is to select their favorite dances from the past few weeks. That's where my wish list comes in, because of course, there are those performances that I'd like to see again. I'm guessing the Kodak Theatre will change things.

I'm splitting the list in three parts: the shoo-ins, the slightly hopefuls, and the wishful thinkings. I know that last word sounded wrong. But if the heavens are listening to me, I want to see these performances on Thursday night:


Brandon and Janette's tango (Top 12/Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo)

Kayla and Kupono's addiction dance (Top 12/Mia Michaels)

Melissa and Ade's breast cancer dance (Top 8/Tyce Diorio)

Slightly hopefuls

Brandon and Janette's thief dance (Top 12/Wade Robson)

Jeanine and Jason's contemporary routine (Top 10/Travis Wall)

Karla and Jonathan's contemporary routine (Top 18/Stacey Tookey)

Randi and Evan's "butt dance" (Top 16/Mia Michaels)

Wishful thinkings

Caitlin and Jason's "alien dance" (Top 14/Brian Friedman)

Randi and Evan's sultry jazz routine (Top 20/Tyce Diorio)

Any suggestions? I feel slightly rusty about that list, really.

Also on Thursday night, hip-hoppers The Rage Boyz Crew and SYTYCD Australia winner Talia Fowler will be performing. (Her routine, by the way, will be choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.)

And, of course, the announcement of the winner. That's a quarter of a million dollars, a magazine cover, bragging rights, and whatever else happens because of the win. Let me squeak out my thoughts: I want Jeanine to win, I think Brandon might win, I'm eliminating the possibility of Kayla getting the win, and I won't be surprised if Evan wins--but it'd be too much to bear.

Speaking of which, judging from that article I linked to earlier--in case you have read it--it looks like I was right: it was Brandon and Jeanine's night. I can't tell much, though, because I decided not to read through the comments and watch it with you guys tonight, because it'd be better that way. That, and I've spoiled myself too much, methinks.

The party begins (or ends) at 8pm tonight, and continues from 8pm Thursday, on Fox. We'll be here, as always, like we've always been the past few weeks. Please confirm your attendance, wear your best dancing shoes, and no remotes allowed. There'll be a cocktail when you come in. Thank you!

Oh, and by the way, I've got handouts. Here's what we've discussed the past few weeks, and then you can take a gander at Brandon's season, Evan's season, Jeanine's season, Kayla's season... so far.

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