Episode 6.20 "I Would For You" Recap

Previously on One Tree Hill: Nathan was un Charleston playing basketball, Jack kissed Sam, Brooke fought with her mom and dumped Julian, Millie and Mouth got back together, and Deb broke up with Skills. There's a really tasteless joke somewhere in there about dating a senior citizen and social security fraud, but out of respect for Antwon Tanner, I refuse to make it and that's the last I'll say on the matter.

The morning is full of good and bad news. On the good front, Jamie is being considered for a prestigious school for the gifted, Nathan (James Lafferty) becomes a team leader and Mouth and Millie have finally had sex. Wait, the presence of Mouth and Millie, TV's most boring couple ever, might actually count as a bad thing. Other bad news: Victoria is in town to wake up Brooke and Skills sulks over his break-up with Deb

But the worst news is reserved for Peyton (Hilarie Burton). She drives along and gets a call from Mia. She pulls up to an intersection, stops and sees a mother and daughter on the side of the road. She smiles, looks down at her pregnant stomach and proceeds through a green light. And that's when an SUV barrels into her.

It's pretty awful, especially when you compound it with her particular history of her mother dying roughly the same way. At the hospital, it's quickly revealed that Peyton appears relatively uninjured from the accident, but it may have caused some complications with her preexisting condition.

This is pretty lame, since the promos all teased the big car accident and now Peyton seems perfectly fine, though Brooke (Sophia Bush) is an emotional mess. However, one thing is not in such great condition: the Comet. It's wrecked and while it will cost more to repair than what it's worth, Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) demands they fix it.

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