THE DEEP (BBC) ''To the Furthest Place'' Review

When a research submarine inexplicably fails to surface, a successive expedition find themselves investigating in the BBCs new drama, THE DEEP. Episode 1 'To the Furthest Place' begins 2000 feet under the Arctic Ocean, where the research submarine 'Hermes' is exploring hydrothermal vents. When the Hermes loses power, crew member Catherine, trapped in a one-man submersible, sends out a distress message.

When the next expedition to the area aboard the submarine 'Orpheus' is ordered to help find the black box recording from the Hermes, the crew find themselves running into similar difficulties. Trying to retrieve their own lost submersible, the submarine becomes wedged among the hydrothermal vents. While down there, desperately pondering ways to save their stranded crew member, Samson, they see a 'man-made structure' which repeatedly flashes bright light their way . . . And then a mysterious, gigantic mass - not unlike the one Catherine describes in her distress message - comes to the rescue.

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