'Top Chef' Double Elimination: No, Jesse, You Don't Suck This Bad

On Top Chef Last night, Jesse just showed us that there is such a thing as overdoing the underdog card. Sure, you can be a little unsure of yourself and therefore need a little push here and there, but seriously, Jesse! Cut yourself some slack. As you said, you don't suck this bad, and a little confidence would'vet taken you two, three episodes farther. Also, to your credit, your little tuna tartare with sorrel, gooseberries, fried quail egg and fried bread wasn't so bad.

Moving forward, it was all French cuisine on tonight's episode of Top Chef, and the guests include Hubert Keller, Jean Joho, Laurent Tourondel, Joel Robuchon - I have never heard of these people with the exception of Keller.

Right away there were some friction when the chefs paired up, but you kind of expect that because these people are used to have their way in the kitchen. Robin and Ron didn't gel at all, because he wanted to do his own thing, essentially turned down all her suggestions. Mattin, who is very French, also kind of rejected Ashley's asparagus idea, but that's forgivable because it's Mattin.

Come judging time, it was a far cry from last week's air force-themed episode, where almost all the dishes were awesome. The judges had several negative comments, from a lobster that was too tough to a bland poussin and a poorly cooked chateaubriand.

In the end, Bryan won (the brothers are really kicking serious ass this season). Hector received the second axing of the episode because he undercooked the meat.

If you think this episode was too French, then watch out for the next. Is Tom Colicchio really throwing a dish to the ground? Is this Top Chef or Hell's Kitchen? Tune in next week!

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