Recap Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 3, Episode 22 - Explorers

Benjamin Sisko has been studying the ancient Bajoran culture, and determines that those old legends hold a grain of truth: ancient Bajorans may have travelled outside their own solar system using solar wind to power small sublight craft.

Sisko has obtained diagrams of the construction of a lightship, and his son, Jake Sisko, agrees to accompany him as he retraces the original route of the ancient Bajorans, in hopes of validating an even older theory - that the solar vessels not only made it out of the solar system, but somehow got as far as the Cardassian homeworld.

Meanwhile, Jake reveals that he's been accepted to the Pennington Institute, a prominent writing school in New Zealand. Jake struggles with the idea of leaving Deep Space Nine, his father and the friends he's made at the station, but his deliberations during the voyage are cut short when the ship flies into a 'tachyon eddy', which accelerates the ship to warp speeds, but damages the vessel in the process.

Upon falling out of the eddy, Sisko charts the ship's position, and is startled to find that the phenomenon has taken their sub-light vessel far off course, and he's not certain where, exactly, they are. As he and Jake consider their options - abandon the voyage and call for help from Deep Space Nine, or continue on in a crippled vessel with little chance of ever finding anything - the ship is hailed by none other than Gul Dukat, who announces that they have reached Cardassian space, and their arrival coincides with the discovery of a second solar vessel - wrecked centuries ago on a Cardassian moon.

As the travellers soak this information in and celebrate, the Cardassians let off colorful photon charges, a form of fireworks to celebrate the achievement of Sisko and his son.

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