THE DEEP (BBC) ''Ghosts of the Deep'' Review Episode 3

Episode three of the BBC's 5 part drama, THE DEEP, finally pushes the plot forward somewhat, though we still appear to be no closer to the end game than when we started. In Ghosts of the Deep, the Orpheus and Volos crews have to set nationality aside and work together in order to survive. It doesn't work too well.

After examining the remains of the Hermes submersible, not-so-sinister Raymond concludes that it was either cut apart or Catherine used the titanium arm to break it apart, allowing herself to die. Apparently not-so-sinister Raymond is completely inept and can't tell the difference between a cut and a bash until it breaks approach to dismantling a titanium submersible. I've never seen the after effects of either approach, so I won't judge him too harshly. (Though Samson nearly died after less than an hour in the Orpheus submersible, so either the Hermes submersible had a better air supply or Catherine thought risking being hit in the face with a titanium arm - and being crushed by the pressure of being 2k feet under the sea - was better than suffocating.)

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