What Does Ice Queen Victoria Want?

What is she up to? Much like One Tree Hill's other evil parent, Victoria Davis has proven herself untrustworthy, so when she showed up to make amends and beg Brooke to come back to the company, even offering her a 51 percent share, something was fishy.

A few episodes ago, this same woman told her own daughter that she wished she was never born. Now she shows up from out of nowhere, apologizing for her mistakes and showing kindness to teen runaway Sam. These may be things that a mother does, but when Victoria Davis does them, there has to be more to the story.

As I see it, there are three possible reasons for Victoria's sudden change in personality.

Theory 1: She's Dying

As we've seen with Dan Scott, staring down death is a quick way to make you regret your mistakes, so maybe in the months since we last saw Victoria, she was diagnosed with some terminal illness that will kill her quickly. I would say it's a combination of skin, brain and liver cancer, but that's so absurd that only an outrageously idiotic show would do that to one of its characters.

Theory 2: She Needs Something

Corollary A: Money

Perhaps the economic downfall has hurt Victoria Davis and after being denied a government bailout, she's hoping Brooke can come in and save the company. Either that, or some rich relative left all of their money to Brooke and Victoria wants to latch on before she finds out.

Corollary B: Scapegoat

Or, in a more sinister plot, maybe she wants to give Brooke control of a failing company with legal problems so Victoria's daughter becomes the scapegoat and Victoria can avoid jail time. Given Victoria's willingness to give her daughter a majority share, this is probably by current top theory.

Corollary C: Kidney

This relates to the first theory in that Victoria might be sick, but instead of the disease being incurable, she simply needs a kidney or other organ donation from a relative, hence the desire to reconnect with her daughter.

Theory 3: Rehab

Finally, it's possible that Victoria went through either anger management or AA and is now genuinely trying to make amends. This seems unlikely, but it would be the only feasible explanation for her to have really changed.

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Apr 21, 2009 5:25PM EDT

I found Victoria's return to be the most interesting part of the last episode. Whatever she is after - and I'm thinking it is something sinister - I am glad she is back to spice things up a bit, as this season has gone slightly too underdramatic for my liking.

Default avatar cat

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Apr 26, 2009 10:39PM EDT

Definatly corollary bshes defintly trying to screw brooke over

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Apr 28, 2009 9:25AM EDT

Is it too outrageous to think that she is just realized she does in fact loves her daughter and now she wants her back in her life?

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