Closer to Battlestar Galactica than Voyager, I hope?

I've seen the trailer, read the review - and agree that SGU's plot closely resembles Voyager... but in a way so does BG, a great show. I hope SGU will take a darker turn, more like BG because - hell, Robert Carlyle is in it?!

besides, the intro scenes seemed to have better and more elaborate special effects and set than SGA (I admit to not particularly liking that spin-off), though "seemed" is the key word here.

as to "more oriented to a younger audience" - I didn't get that from the trailer. Yes, there is a youngish slacker/genius, but there's also a heck of a lot of people dying in the first half an hour (I presume). Or maybe the younger audience today is more inured to that than I am. I can live with the teen genius if that's the only thing by which they're trying to lure more teens or whomever. And with the not-so-original-plot (understatement). And with Justin Louis on the show (just a personal "what the hell were they thinking?!").

What I can't live with, and hopefully won't have to, are bad effects, underdeveloped characters and undeveloped plots. And this being just another sugary Voyager dressed up with newer technology. A big no-no.


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Sep 3, 2009 12:13PM EDT

Battlestar galactica is the most crappy sci-fi show ever. A couple of horny chicks flying space fighters. Guess that's what the youth wanna see?
Stargate is all about modern science theories and it should stay that way!

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