Grey's Anatomy: Where Were We and What's Next?

When Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy premieres (Thursday, 9/8c, ABC), George and Izzie are both on death's door. While it's not exactly a secret who lives and who dies, we thought you might need a quick refresher on where we left off - and a juicy tease about what comes next.

Meredith Grey

Where Were We? Mer had an impromptu Post-It Note "wedding" to Derek, the "honeymoon" for which was interrupted by the discovery that the mangled John Doe was George.

What's Next? She's enjoying the perks of being a newlywed, which includes a lot of naked time with Shepherd. To accommodate Pompeo's maternity leave, Mer will be MIA for part of the season.

Derek Shepherd

Where Were We? He operated on Izzie, which resulted in some memory loss, and he was attempting to save George's life.

What's Next? It seems somebody in the corner office thinks Dr. Shepherd might make a good chief of surgery. Look for an upcoming Derek-centric episode.

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