Preview of Episode 1.2 "The Lost Supper"

On tonight's episode of Top Chef Masters - "The Lost Supper" - another four chef-testants take center stage and duel it out with the best of the best. Among those competing are Elizabeth Falker (Citizen Cake, San Francisco), Suzanne Tracht (Tracht's, Los Angeles), Graham Elliot Bowles (Graham Elliot, Chicago) and Wylie Dufresne (wd-50, New York).

Starting off the episode is a quickfire challenge reminiscent of the amuse bouche vending machine challenge from Top Chef's sophomore season. As for the elimination challenge, the Top Chef Masters contestants start off with a counter full of protein, including animal heads, chickens, etc. The task is to create a meal for the writers of ABC sci-fi series Lost (which is from a rival network). We also learn that Tracht is a huge Lost fan, while Dufresne has never heard of the show. Nevertheless, the challenge is to create a meal as if they were one of the survivors of Lost. So that explains all the fresh protein and all the canned and preserved goods labeled "Dharma approved."

On the pilot of Top Chef Masters, touted as an upgrade on the largely amateur-laden regular Top Chef, San Francisco-native Hubert Keller won with 20.5 stars, beating out Christopher Lee from Aureole, New York; Michael Schlow from Boston, Massachusetts; and Tim Love from Fort Worth, Texas. Keller, who won both the episode's quickfire and elimination challenges, will advance to the final round and will compete with the other winners starting episode 7.

On the episode's elimination challenge, the chefs were to create a three-course meal for the critics and a group of college students using only a microwave, a toaster oven, and a hot plate, and are restricted to a limited pantry and must cook in actual dorm rooms at a Claremont, California college.

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