JONAH HEX Press Conference: Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, Director Jimmy Hayward and Producer Andrew Lazar

Usually press conferences suck. They're almost always a waste of time. After all, when you've got a group of actors and filmmakers sharing a stage, you can never get a good rhythm going with any one person because as soon as they answer a question, it's the next persons turn. This is why I'm happy to report the press conference for Jonah Hex was awesome. Unlike some that can be boring and filled with safe answers, Josh Brolin and Megan Fox were really open and honest about everything. Also, I never knew Brolin could be so funny, as he had the room laughing many times. And on top of that, Megan Fox quoted The Lord of the Rings message boards when answering if she felt the freedom to take liberties with her character as opposed to staying true to the comic books. My jaw hit the ground as she said:

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