'Damages' - 'It's Not My Birthday' Recap Season 3, Episode 5

Hmmm ... such cryptic messages in this week's episode of 'Damages.' First the wacky dream. Dreaming about a horse in your home probably isn't so crazy, unless you're Patty Hewes and the dream includes bloody hands and feet.

Let's analyze: Patty harking back to a more innocent childhood perhaps? Nah, too straightforward. Maybe the horse signifies Danielle's child, and Ellen's message that "it's a big responsibility" and "are you sure you're ready for it" denotes Patty's willingness to take care of Danielle and her child. Well, just the child now. The "blood on her hands" isn't so hard to figure out, but her feet? It must suck to be Patty with all that running around in her head.

Between that and the muffins and cupcakes and Ellen baking the latter for Patty's birthday, there was six kinds of crazy in this ep, but that's nothing new for 'Damages.' I'm thinking there was a reference to cupcakes in a previous season, but I can't remember what it was. Anyone? Patty sent Ellen cupcakes, didn't she? And am I misremembering, or did Patty also tell Ellen "It's not my birthday" when they first met. I'm having a deja vu on that.

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