'Biggest Loser''s Blaine Goes Home to Spend Time wth His New Baby Boy

With a new baby at home, Blaine Cotter asked the rest of "The Biggest Loser" contestants to send him home Tuesday night when the Black Team fell below the yellow line for the very first time.

And, surprise! He actually got what he wished for, despite the fact that trainer Bob Harper asked his teams to vote off Blaine's cousin Dane, who Bob sees as a bigger threat.

But Blaine and Dane had talked about this possibility earlier and had decided that Dane really needed to stay on the ranch.

"With me having my new baby at home that was definitely a consideration that my wife would need me at home," Blaine says. "Another thing was Dane had more weight to lose. That is why we were there. We had already decided, if it came down to the two of us, and we could make the decision, I would go home."

Blaine's weight-loss is going just fine at home. His starting weight at the ranch was 365 pounds, and he says he now weighs 275 pounds. Most importantly, he is off the eight medications that he needed to take for his health before coming to the ranch.

"[The weight I lost at home] has been 10 times harder than the weight I lost at the ranch," says the 6 feet, 8 inches tall competitor from Mesa, Ariz. "What the ranch did teach me is that I can do it -- and it changed me mentally. I am not a big, fat guy anymore. I am an athlete now. Being off my medication, eating right -- that total mindset change is what is different. Going to the gym has really made a difference. I didn't necessarily do that the first month I was home. Now I have learned that is the time I have to take. Once I was willing to give that time up, that is when the weight really came off."

With a pregnant wife, Blaine made sure that she was okay with the possibility that he would miss the birth of their son. He had no idea at that time that "The Biggest Loser" would give him the day off for the birth of his son.

"I made sure my wife was okay with it," he says. "It is a matter of living past his birth to the birth of his children. It was a pretty bad situation for me health-wise before I went on the show, but it was worth the sacrifice. We have a lot of support. My mother-in-law lives with us. We moved to a new house that was bigger, so she could move in with us and help. I am so glad my wife was willing to make the sacrifice [of having me gone at the end of her pregnancy] more than even I was willing to."

"The Biggest Loser" airs Tuesday nights on NBC at 8 p.m.

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