'Real World: Cancun' Star Says Season Won't Be a Letdown

After the launch of Real World: Cancun, we finally got to meet the eight roomies. Twenty-one-year-old Massachusetts native Joey immediately got into our radar because he got so drunk that college footballer CJ had to put him in bed before the festivities can commence, followed by the sight of another 21-year-old Bronne puking on the floor of a bar. From the looks of things, this season will indeed be the Real World that its fans got to know.

Meanwhile, one of its stars Ayiiia (three i's if you're counting) and winner of the realworldcasting.com, says in an interview with LAist that MTV knew full well what it was doing when it brought eight strangers to spring break capital Cancun and that it won't be a letdown.

"The drinking age is 18, it's the number one spring break area. Of course, they knew that there was going to be hook ups and stuff. You're going to have to watch this season to find out what goes on, I can't tell you what happens, but I promise you that we won't let you down."

Nonetheless, the Chula Vista native says that if you liked the Brooklyn season because there wasn't any hooking up, you'd also like the happenings on Real World: Cancun.

"People do like watching all the drama, and those people are going to love Cancun. People like to escape from their own lives, so they enjoy watching other people go through drama to feel better about their life. I know I do."

The 21-year-old, who says she has no idea where her name comes from but tells people it means "beautiful flower," is introduced as a "reformed party girl." Understandably, she says, going to Cancun might be a little tough.

"But being in Cancun, that side of me was brought out again. I'm very much the party girl. I don't think I'm over it yet. It was difficult for me because I thought that stage of my life was over."

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