Recap: "Chuck versus the Beefcake"

So the saga continues with the Fulcrum folks as Brad White (from "Chuck versus The Suburbs") was grave robbed by a mysterious man for some secret info in his belt buckle. On the relationship front Chuck realizes Sarah and he won't become a couple so he breaks up with her. The mission? To intercept the Fulcrum agent who stole the belt buckle. Oh and did I say the said Fulcrum agent is good looking? It looks like Sarah has will have to use her female persuasions to get the goods. It's just another day in spy town and another chance to potentially see Sarah in her sexy undies. How will this affect Chuck? Is he really over the break-up?

Casey certainly takes advantage of Chuck's sensitivity despite the recent break-up. He's kind of salt on an open wound. All three are stationed at a swank hotel waiting for the Fulcrum agent to arrive. Sarah meets up with the Fulcrum agent and they immediately take it to his suite. As both Casey and Chuck monitor Sarah's situation via an earpiece, things get hot and heavy things until he flashes on two other Fulcrum agents who are there to potentially meet up. Casey goes off and hits his own snafu as he partakes in gunfire with the agents. Meanwhile, disgusted, Chuck has taken off his earpiece and cannot hear Sarah's secret code for help.

Luckily a waiter comes down to the bar where Chuck is drowning his sorrows and asks for Crystale - the secret code for help. While Casey is busy shooting up the hotel hallway Chuck runs to save Sarah. He kicks in the door to find Sarah in sexy lingerie straddling but subduing the Fulcrum agent. As Chuck and Sarah take him to the rooftop parking to drive back to Castle, a fighter helicopter appears and starts shooting at them. Sarah runs off to draw their fire but it looks like a losing battle.

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Mar 9, 2009 6:06PM EDT

Ok here is a question, were chuck and sarah really going out? And if they weren't then shouldn't the "break up" look like i just wrote it? Like seriously when did they start going out?

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