The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 3

On this week of The Bachelorette, Ali must eliminate three guys and the drama in the house over Justin intensifies as he makes a bold gesture to show his feelings to Ali.

The first one-on-one date is with Roberto and Ali picks a very daring activity. First, the two fly by helicopter (why does Ali always take air transportation when she's so afraid of flying?). They are dropped off at the top of a building and across the way, we see romantic dinner table for two. The catch? They have to walk across a tight rope to get to their table. However, Roberto proves himself worthy of the daredevil setting and provides a firm and steady hand for Ali to hold on to. The two even share their first kiss while on the tight rope, a cute gesture, but still terrifying when they are so far above the ground. For a girl afraid of heights, Ali seems able to conquer her fear with Roberto next to her.

Later at dinner, the date seems to be going extremely well and Ali says Roberto is one of the few guys that make her nervous. Sometimes she wonders if she's attractive enough for him. I'm not really sure what Roberto did that was so incredibly special tonight or so far in the house, but he definitely has a unique hold over Ali. After dinner, Ali tests out his cuddling skills (and more of his kissing skills) and he, duh, snags a rose. Insert more kissing here.

On the group date, the boys find out they will be shooting scenes for a new video from, drum roll please, the Barenaked Ladies. The song is called "You Run Away," about getting someone to choose you, which obviously the guys know a thing or two about. The guys get their scenes and Jonathan finds out he has to kiss Ali in the middle his and he's very nervous about. Maybe he should have been focusing more on Ali this entire time rather than Craig M. hmm? He should be thankful a kiss is in his scene because he's obviously too shy to make the move himself and Frank, Jesse and Roberto have beat him to the punch on that (Roberto especially).

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