Recap of The Bachelorette, Episode 6.3 - Wetpaint

The great thing about the guys getting a little extra one-on-one time with Ali in these later episodes of The Bachelorette is that they can give Ali a sense of what they're really passionate about. Or at least that's what they probably should be doing, right? Not spending your time with Ali as Chris L. did, detailing your passion for... flip-cup? As in, the game that people play at keggers? And you're bragging about coming in second in Vegas? We're not exactly sure what he wanted Ali to say there. Like, "Congrats - maybe next year, if you practice hard enough, you'll win first place in this extremely depressing-sounding pastime"?

The first individual date went to Roberto, who got to share a helicopter ride with Ali. For some reason, Ali - who might be more afraid of flying than anyone in history - keeps getting forced to go on these flying dates. Is ABC trying to make her freak out as much as humanly possible over her one and only phobia? For our sakes, thank God that she's not afraid of seeing Carrot Top perform live onstage.

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