Friday Night Lights: Matt's Goodbye Gets Two Extra Episodes

Okay. So the second version of Friday Night Lights--I call it that, yes, because we're essentially changing most of the cast, right? Seniors graduate and go to college. There's a reason why High School Musical isn't going to college, although it's getting a fourth installment, which is, well... anyway. I digress.

I talk about that because, according to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, we can expect to see Matt Saracen in the show longer than he is supposed to. Yes, sure, he's also going to college, and he's staying on for the fourth season of the show just to wrap up his storyline and say goodbye like the others. That was supposed to be for five episodes; he's now set to do it for seven.

It sucks having to say goodbye for a longer time when you can just wave at everyone and disappear. Why can't they do it like, say, Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill. But I've no complaints--surely having more Matt is a good thing, right? All that Matt-Julie loving.

The new season is set to premiere on October 28 on DirecTV (and this summer, if you're only watching it off NBC). Gilford's seven-episode farewell arc will, according to sources, fall during the first half of the season, and one of those episodes will be directed by the show's creator himself, Peter Berg.

But the impact, I guess, will be the same. Much like when Jason Street said goodbye, we can expect tearing up when Matt Saracen does, too. And that, perhaps, is something we can get ready for. Or not.

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