Judging a 'Work of Art' by its Cover Episode 3, Season 1

Work of Art has come up with another really great challenge. The artists will design cover art for famous novels (and the winning design will actually be published on the cover of that book!). As far as personality goes, the jury (my jury) is still out on Miles. Sometimes I like that guy, and sometimes he makes me . . . confused? He spent most of his time reading his novel. His attitude has to bite him in the ass at least once this season, right? Jaclyn has only seen the movie Pride and Prejudice. Sigh. I don't think she was even paying attention to the movie, based on her vague idea for the cover, and her retelling of the passionate love between Elizabeth and "Darby."

Judith, on the other hand, just doesn't seem to care. I would like to see Judith go home, because she recycles her old ideas that have worked for her in the past. And last week her junk sculpture was just crazy and bad. This just might not be the competition for her. Judith's defense of her idea to Simone was pretty much full of sh*t. At least she's not creating "proud pussy and prejudiced pussy." And if Miles thinks you're crazy, you are probably crazy.

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