Community Episode 3: "Introduction to Film'' -Recap

In this episode of Community, Britta attempts to help Abed realize his dream of becoming a film student, against his father's approval. Meanwhile, Jeff attempts an easy A with his new professor (John Michael Higgins of Couples Retreat and every Christopher Guest movie) of "Seize the Day" class and finds achieving a good grade in this class may actually require some real hard work.

Britta confronts Abed's dad about not wanting his son to study film, which motivates Abed even more to want to do it. Britta cares so much about the cause that she is willing to shell out her own money in order for him to go.

Meanwhile, Joel is trying to impress his teacher by wearing eccentric outfits in order to "seize the day," to which Britta replies, "Why are u dressed like an 80's rapist?"

Abed got a brand new camera with the money that Britta used to purchase his semester of film, causing a bit of unrest.

In another story thread, Pierce has found new potential student to bestow his lifetime's worth of knowledge to, and tries to help another classmate -Troy - with his "image." After coaxing him out of his high school jacket, he passes him a Dr. Pepper and realizes he may finally be of use to someone.

Back to the Jeff sequence. Jeff makes more translucent attempts at "Seizing the Day" only to be probed with commentary like, "How many sweat pants/sport jacket combo's do you need to find until you found just the right one to look like you care just enough? Go fly a kite but do it for yourself because you won't just fail my class, you'll fail life," by his professor. This statement leaves Jeff quite speechless.

Abed has begun cutting class and causes Britta unrest. Because she intentionally inserted herself into Abed's life, she's having a difficult time understanding why she risked so much to take care of him if he disrespects her gesture so much. He is later seen at study group with his shiny new expensive looking camera, and when he refuses to put it down, he's welcomed by his study group with comments like, "What the hell? Is he gonna kill us?"

When Britta confronts Abed, he doesn't respond but only films her silently. Jeff responds, "I think you are really weird Abed and the wrong person just left," and then storms out.

When Jeff managed to finally get everyone in a room together, he says, "It's time to communicate. Now the only reason this whole mess got started is because you both wanted the best for Abed." Before they can actually verbalize anything, Abed asks them to sit down at his laptop. Abed finished the movie he was working on and finally shared it with the three of them. It involved the footage and audio that Abed had been filming of Jeff, Britta, etc, however, the faces of his father and mother were placed on their bodies. As the short video went on, it was clear that this footage had a very emotional impact on his dad as it told an unconventional tale of how Abed felt it was his fault his mom left them. The dad confides that he never knew Abed felt that way and that it wasn't his fault. He continued to say that if film is the only way Abed could be understood, then he would pay for the tuition and making falafel could be his fallback career.

Just when you were wondering if Jeff ever passed his class, we see him and Britta walking outside summing up the days events in so many words. Unexpectedly, Britta says, "You should kiss me right now." And in a "Ross and Rachel" style kiss, they finally kiss (quite passionately if I might add). After their embrace, Britta walks away saying, "We're even," and her intentions became clear. He got the A, but did he finally get the girl?

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