The Office Season 6, Episode 3: "The Promotion" - Recap

On this episode of the The Office, corporate honcho David Wallace floors the staffers with news that not all will receive raises for the year. Meanwhile, Jim pushes Dwight too far, so Dwight sets out to form office alliances. And Pam focuses on her wedding-gift wish list.

Tuning into The Office this week couldn't have been better therapy for me. Today was, as some of you care (and some of you have beyond expressly said that you do not care), a trying day in my office. While I spent an afternoon trying to work through some ridiculous computer system and line-item my cell phone bill, Dwight simply files complaints that are so un-HR appropriate. I wish, just for 5 minutes, I could run around the office and think, talk, act and bumble like Dwight. Oh, a boy can dream...

Pam and Jim's "give me money" ideology is amazing. I can't get over how much weddings (or having a baby, for that matter) can cost. I've long thought that cash is king. It takes a big man to ask for a monetary gift; but Pam is endearingly creative, and she wears the proverbial crown. Rake it in, Pammy. Rake it in! [PS: Love the whole giving Ryan the $50! That's so what you come to expect from Ryan - such a creepily smooth operator!]

Now, why is this raise thing such an issue? I mean, money is important, duh! But who has gotten a raise lately? "In this economy..." How many times have we heard that? And how many times have I (or any of my friends) received raises this year? I'm throwing a big, ole spoiled goose egg out there.

But in all (semi-)seriousness, the whole "co-worker promoted into a position of power" thing is a real issue. It's hard to go from "kvetching" over Baja Fresh tacos on your lunch break together, to making copies for someone who was once your equal, now no longer equal. I like how The Office writers can put a fun spin on situations like these. I mean, how many of you watch and are reminded of your own days at work? I love the fresh, fun, all-nonsense spin they put on things. It makes the thought of tomorrow just a bit easier.

Top moments of the night:

* OMFG! Kelly is always going to be my favorite. I'd take LC over Heidi any day and for a million reasons, as well! [Spencer being number one]

* "Heart-ons! They've got heart-ons for you!" Bumper sticker, peel and paste here. [I'm going to dub this the best under-the-radar line of the night. Agreed?]

* A close second-liner: "He's a temp. He doesn't count!" That is so the way the world works, at least in the offices of film and television. And as a former temp-by-way-of-necessity, I feel the collective pain of all of those white collar day laborers out there.

* Michael to Jim: "How big and gross the pores on your nose are." Evil; pure, hysterical evil.

* And finally, Creed and Meredith?! A match made in heaven - or a sick, sad match in some altered dimension.[How do the writer's come up with this stuff?]

Before leaving, I just want to throw this out there: Are we happy with the path that is Pam and Jim's love life? I mean, I just saw the commercial for their upcoming wedding, and I had mixed feelings. Part of the Ross/Rachel (Friends) attraction was they were together, not together, together again.

Don't get me wrong - Pam and Jim are pretty much the ideal couple. I'd kill for that kind of "us against the world" relationship. Maybe I'm just concerned with where it's going. Are we happy with what looks like an impending forever and happily ever after couple? And if everything does go according to plan, what's next?

All I know is that it better be freaking LOL-sterical!

See you at the wedding!

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