24: ''Day 8: 11:00 PM-12:00 AM'' Review Season 8, Episode 8

After stuttering for a few episodes, most of the storylines this season finally kicked into gear in "Day 8: 11:00 PM-12:00 AM." It wasn't a perfect hour, but any episode that has some fun Jack Bauer action scenes and takes a previously annoying storyline like the Dana/Jenny (a.k.a. Denny) drama and makes it more interesting is definitely a success for this season.

It seems that one of the keys to making the Denny story more palatable is to have less Kevin. His involvement this episode was minimal, with just a distracted phone call with Dana, while he and Nick partied it up at a strip club. Kevin and Nick's decision to keep using Denny for info. on future jobs was foreseeable from the beginning of this story (and this predictability is one reason this side-plot has been uninteresting to me so far) but what finally starts making this story work is the writers' decision to have Denny finally figure out that enough is enough and take matters into her own hands to end it. Seeing Dana glaring at Nick and Kevin in the club while dodging a call from Cole is the first time I've felt this role is worthy of Katee Sackhoff. Here's hoping the writers don't screw it up (an unfortunately realistic possibility, considering that Cole and Arlo are attempting to track down Denny's cell phone).

After stealing the show the last four hours, Annie Wersching's Renee Walker was relegated to the background this week, as she was transported to CTU and then debriefed. Is it just me, or when Hastings told Renee that Chloe would be taking her statement, didn't it seem like that would entail more than Chloe handing her a pen and paper? I thought Chloe would actually look at Renee's statement, or, you know, ask her questions about it, before they hurry Renee off to medical for a psych eval. It feels like something dictated by the needs of the other stories ("Well, we need Chloe to be at her desk talking to Jack when he calls, so she can't actually be interviewing Renee") than something that would actually happen.

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