Legend of the Seeker: "Torn" Review Season 2, Episode 11

When Kahlan is called back to her hometown and forced to separate from Richard, she is torn between duty and desire. The magic that is there to transport her home goes awry and actually separates her into two halves, one focusing entirely on duty and the other full of passion and emotions; she has been literally "Torn" apart.

Bridget Regan skillfully portrays all three incarnations of Kahlan, making them distinct from each other. The separated halves of her character are more obviously different as the episode goes on, but the telltale signs are apparent from the beginning. The Kahlan who travels to Aydindril with Zedd is at first just what the city needs, someone with authority who can dispose of the tyrant who has taken over. However, without any of Kahlan's usual innate mercy and compassion, this version of her becomes more and more haughty and condescending. She is unbearable after a very short time.

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