'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Those Who Teach, Can't Season 7, Episode 13

You know the old saying, those who can't, teach? Well, on this week's episode of Hell's Kitchen, it was more like those who teach, can't! There are only four chefs left in Hell's Kitchen and that means it's anybody's game to lose at this point. But after a challenge and a stressful dinner service, Gordon Ramsey stunned the chefs with a big surprise.

It's the thirteen episode of the season and it was mostly unlucky for Benjamin who lost a challenge he should have had in the bag. The challenge began when Chef Ramsey showed the chefs how to cook a complex monk fish dish that included instructions on how to properly butcher the main ingredient. These guys have seen the show, so they knew they'd be asked to recreate the dish and they all enthusiastically said, no problem. Then they were told that they weren't cooking, they were teaching. The students? Four young bachelors who probably haven't used their kitchen for anything but Top Ramen and some over the counter nookie.

Everyone figured that Ben had it in the bag since he teaches cooking for a living. As we all know, though, there's something about cooking in Hell's Kitchen that makes you forget how to peel potatoes or in this case, how to speak to your student. While Ben's guy didn't totally blow the challenge, he didn't land on top. That honor went to Jay who promptly chose Holli (big surprise) as his companion for the reward day out. Ben had to stay behind on maintenance duty with Autumn while the happy couple got a tour of Los Angeles from the Goodyear Blimp.

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