Lost: "The Substitute" Review Season 6, Episode 4

Now that we know what Kate did we can get back to business with the adventures of John Locke, who tends to have the best flashbacks/flashforwards/flashwherevers of anyone. "The Substitute" is another great Locke story that focuses on his struggles with being paralysed after Flight 815, but with a few parallel universe twists. Meanwhile, the Man in Black/Smokie makes a new friend and reveals Jacob's List.

Sure, a lot of this episode was answering questions with MORE questions but it does feel like we're inching closer to an eventual resolution to mysteries that have been plaguing us since Season 1. Throwing THE NUMBERS/Valenzetti Equation into the fray after barely mentioning them over the past couple of seasons is a little sneaky but I still like how they are connected to names that are on Jacob's list. I do hope that the numbers have more meaning than something that Jacob was simply fond of. Speaking of the list, Kate was visited by Jacob as well yet she wasn't on the list of remaining names. I hope we get an explanation for this.

The black and white stone imagery being thrown in there as an 'inside joke' was a welcome reference to something else we haven't seen in a while. It makes a lot of sense that the black and white stones represent both Jacob and Smokie. What would be even more interesting is if they also represented the two alternate worlds we're both seeing this season. I somehow doubt it but it's something to keep in mind.

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