Who is the Chef of 'Choice' on 'Hell's Kitchen?'

The chefs are rapidly heading for the last dinner service on Hell's Kitchen. It's going to be a tough call, because at this point, none of the four chefs are consistently outshining the other three. To choose a winner, Gordon Ramsey is going to have to look at the details, the small moments that make one chef slightly better than his competitors. We've decided to help him with that by rating the remaining chefs on a scale they're all very familiar with, the USDA Grading System for Beef.

US Prime

This is the highest quality beef and is so rare that only 2.9% of beef falls into this category. It has a bright color, a fine texture and lots of marbling for that delicious, melt-in-your mouth taste. The only chef to fall into this category is Rahman "Rock" Harper from Season Three. No one this season even comes close.

US Choice

Choice is the kind of beef found in most restaurants. It's high quality but doesn't have that certain je ne sais quoi that Prime has. Of the final four, Holli is Choice. Yes, she's lost a few quality points with the flirting and the porn collection and the raw chicken, but of all the contestants, she's the one that keeps her head when things go bad and that's a skill you have to have if you want to run a top-notch restaurant.

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