Warehouse 13: "Age Before Beauty" Review Season 2, Episode 4

When I first heard that Warehouse 13 was going to do a fashion-oriented episode, I was simultaneously excited and horrified. Excited, because if it was done well it would be a treat to watch, and horrified because it would be tricky to pull off. But I shouldn't have worried. The staff behind this show really showed a lot of skill and creativity in this episode, and it looks like they might have found the recipe for success.

The premise of this episode has our intrepid warehouse staff entering the dangerous world of fashion. The story starts right off with a sassy runway show, complete with a whip and heroin chic makeup. An old woman causes a stir at the show before she collapses, then the scene switches to a sword fight of all things. Pete and Myka capture the legendary Excalibur before heading off to Italy, then New York, to investigate mysterious model disappearances. This is one of the best intros the series has produced. It's a great "in media res" start that sets the tone for the rest of the story.

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