Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 21 - Show Me Love

Opening is a montage of everyone going over recent challenges. Dawson with Aunt Gwen's painting, Joey and her wall, Pacey and True Love, and Jen and Henry, and the tell tale cafeteria scene where Joey has nobody to sit with. Joey at her wall, Dawson comes up, tells her he'll do anything to be in her life. Mitch and Gale discuss sponsoring Pacey in the Regatta (boat race). Dawson says it's ok, and takes Leery's Fresh Fish flag to Pacey. Pacey and Dawson exchange bitter words. Joey and Bessie see Pacey put the flag up on the boat, Joey thinks that maybe the two are reconciling. Grams, Jack, Andie and Jen are making wreaths for the Regatta winners, Henry outside with a sign asking Jen to forgive him. Dawson asks Jack and Andie if he can borrow their dad's boat so he can enter the Regatta. Jack says it's a bad idea, Andie encourages Dawson.

Joey finds out Bessie let Dawson use the Potter B&B as his sponsor for the race, Dawson tells her he's just trying to help. Bessie tells Joey to get over it and grow up. At the McPhee's, Will tells Andie he got his scholarship to Raleigh. He tells her she should forgive Pacey and Joey. Jack and Dawson are on the boat, which they know nothing about, Mitch comes along and helps out. Dawson puts his Potter B&B flag up, Joey sees, Pacey comes along and walks away. Joey apologizes, Pacey is mad because they're just talking about Dawson. She asks him to go speak with Dawson.

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