'Rescue Me' - 'Blackout' Recap Season 6, Episode 5

All season long, we've been waiting for Tommy to hit rock bottom with his drinking so we can finally start to see him begin a redemptive journey toward sobriety, and perhaps get his life back together. I say that with the anticipation that we're actually going to have a "happy" ending for 'Rescue Me.' Given the tone of the show throughout the years, it just wouldn't feel right to end on a tragic note.

I'm not sure if the events of this week constitute Tommy's personal all-time low, but they are certainly in the running. When your family gets pulled into your debauchery, it's got to make you finally stop for a moment and think about what you've been doing with your life. Especially now that it's starting to negatively affect others.

Perhaps because of the strong nature of the content, the episode was framed and presented a little differently than we're used to. Gone for the most part were moments of levity, though you can always count on Sean and Mike lighten the mood. Gone was a lot of the animosity within Tommy's sphere of influence, but that's probably going to change really quickly now.

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