Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 23 - True Love

In town, Dawson and Mitch run into Joey and Gale. They both pair off. Dawson thanks Joey for being his mother’s maid of honor. She becomes uncomfortable and leaves. On the dock, Doug tells Pacey that he should tell Joey how he feels about her. He is against that notion. Jack and Jen are emptying out their lockers at school, and Henry comes around. After some awkwardness, Henry apologizes and Jen refuses to accept. At the Leerys, Andie asks Dawson to sign her yearbook, she’s marked off a page for him, with a picture of him and Pacey. She pleads with him to go to Pacey’s goodbye party. He tells her absolutely not, and she says she’s not over it either but he has to start somewhere.

Doug pulls Joey over to the side of the road to tell her that Pacey is leaving. Joey finds Pacey at the store and she asks him why he’s running away. He tells her that it’s her decision for him to stay. She tells him that he’s giving up and he says she’s the one leaving their relationship unfinished.

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