House Season 6, Episode 19: "The Choice" Review

In the Pilot of House, the good doctor stated the two words that have propelled this series through six enjoyable seasons: "Everybody lies." In order to provide his patients with a correct diagnosis, House must find the truth behind their lies, regardless of how stubborn or embarrassed they are to keep them hidden. That phrase was again at the core of this episode, as House and his team were faced with a patient who couldn't come to terms with the fact that he was gay. This was a strong episode filled with many overlapping themes, and unlike last week's mysterious illness which seemed to be cured from out of the blue, this week's diagnosis made for great TV as it was dripping with irony.

Throughout its run, House has never shied away from hot-button topics (organized religion, euthanasia, genocidal African dictators, etc.), so it's no surprise they took aim at homosexuality with the intention of debunking the myth that it's a choice that can be treated medically. In this case, the patient-of-the-week was a man who had undergone conversion therapy to "cure" him of his homosexuality in order to marry a woman who had no idea about his past. "They zapped the fabulous right out of him," was House's sensitive way of putting it. After he was brought into the hospital on his wedding day, House's team did some investigating and found his ex-boyfriend, which added a new twist to the episode. With that, the genie was out of the bottle and the man had some 'splaining to do.

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