Brothers & Sisters Review: "A Bone to Pick" Season 4, Episode 11

Let's just be clear: Kitty is not dead. But, boy, is she in trouble once The Senator and Nora find out that she hid her really bad test results. Luckily all her problems will be solved with one measly little bone marrow transplant. Now if one of her myriad siblings will cough up a match. Betcha dollars to Voodoo Doughnuts, that doncha know only Ryan Lafferty will be able to offer up his (greasy) little bone marrow sample.

Yes, Jay-zuz, Ryan Lafferty is back. He may have showered. He may have not showered. Either way he's bus-TED. Holly's crack team of investigators has seen the tape of the night of the fateful wine valve incident and only fair little Ryan was in or out of Ojai the entire evening. It's circumstantial, but it'll do. Inexplicably, Holly offers Ryan a pass for dumping the entire supply of her beloved company-saving press-getting (Food & Wine, even!) financial future that was Coastal Reserve. She TOTALLY gets that he's a Walker-hating nitwit. She UNDERSTANDS and is willing to let it slide. No really, she is. Since Ryan's an idiot, he obviously turns her down. Now it's a matter for the police. Luckily for Ryan, the cops are on The Senator's payroll. They pick him up and haul him straight to the hospital for a blood test.

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