Dancing with the Stars: The Aaron Carter Postmortem

After doing a review of Aaron Carter's season on Dancing with the Stars (found below), I can say that he does deserve to go home, and not just because he's unpopular or smarmy or a jerk (those things, unfortunately, remain to be proven categorically and have nothing to do with dancing). His season average is good for fourth place, which is close enough to fifth.

Before you complain and say that Kelly Osbourne should've gone home, Natalie Coughlin is just one spot behind Kelly, and the Olympic swimmer was eliminated eons ago, in what would perhaps go down as one of the more thankless stints on Dancing with the Stars. But back to Aaron.

Sure, he's had a less than spotless personal life, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and cheating on Hillary Duff. We also learn from Mr. Hulk Hogan that Aaron, in trying to court Brooke, was disrespectful and arrogant. He was also found to have been smoking pot (and there were pictures, too, not that there were interesting), plus tons of DUI's. Then there are the gay rumors, etc. So it wasn't exactly a surprise why he found himself in the bottom of Dancing with the Stars, while the likes of Michael Irvin, at least for a while, survived scot-free.

However, if we'd go to the dancing part of it all, Aaron Carter would have still fallen short. If the voting was taken out of the equation, he might've gone home as early as week 4, when he bombed the potentially sexy lambada. Only Michael Irvin and Louie Vito had lower scores, but expectations for those two weren't really high to begin with.

In the end, what will people remember from Aaron Carter's stint on Dancing with the Stars? Not the Muppet Show quickstep or any of Karina's almost-dresses, but that the fact that a celeb can get a 29 and still land in the bottom 3. Sure, had the energy and flexibility required for Dancing with the Stars, but the other remaining contestants do, too, so really, no tears for Aaron Carter.

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