'V' Season 1, Episode 2 - Review: Resistance was Formed But We Already Knew That

Everyone is a suspect as V moves on to its second episode, "There's No Normal Anymore" while Erica and Father Jack are engulfed in paranoia, not knowing who to trust. Picking up right where things left off in the season opener, Erica calls the police in attempt to thwart the newly arrived Visitors in the warehouse but discovers that the Visitors have intercepted the call. Instead, she cautions Father Jack not to trust anyone and resolves to come up with a big clandestine plan.

Meanwhile, Erica is so caught up with the FBI's search for her missing partner Dale not knowing that her son Tyler is getting more and more involved with the Vs through its Young Ambassadors program.

Then there's Ryan, who still hasn't told his girlfriend Valerie that he's one of the Vs but can't head for the hills because he's in love with her. He goes to a shady mechanic-doctor named Angelo to fix his wounds and to get some names of fellow V-traitors to join his fight but his mechanic-doctor is so paranoid and mistrustful that Ryan ends up getting drugged. Angelo then cautions Ryan that if he really cares about Valerie, he'd stay away from her so she wouldn't end up in the crossfire.

Chad, on the other hand, can't shake the fact that he was played by Anna in last week's episode so he tries to control the public's perception of the Visitors by initiating a debate on TV about whether or not they should trust the Vs. Anna doesn't like it one bit but Chad explains that what happened was a good thing because it opens the public to the idea of diplomatic relations with the Vs--- a successful proposition that enables the Vs to have visas and travel within the nation's borders. However, Chad stresses that he did this as a freebee and the next time Anna wants his help, it will be on his terms alone.

Coming on the heels of a relatively successful pilot episode, the second episode of V has left me with mixed feelings about the rest of the season. Plot-wise, V hasn't really moved significantly forward because almost everything we've learned from this episode, including the resistance, Tyler going against his mother and Dale coming back to life, we already know. While this has left me worried about the show's momentum to keep things interesting, I'm still giving this show another chance.

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