THE OFFICE "The Delivery Part 1 and 2" Review

What did you think of tonight's episode of THE OFFICE "The Delivery Part 1 and 2"?

Thank god those stupid Olympics are finally over so we could all experience the return of The Office and Pam and Jim's baby! Overall, I haven't been a big fan of this season of The Office (the most recent exception being the episodes with Kathy Bates and Christian Slater) but nothing could stop me from getting excited about the birth of Jim and Pam's baby.

I hardly ever say this but Pam and Jim were driving me crazy. Pam should have been smart enough to go straight to the hospital and Jim should have just forced her to go! Of course, they just did it that way so Michael could get his way into the hospital. Ugh! I was dreading that they would find a way to write Michael into the hospital. That being said, he wasn't so bad.

So how do you feel about Dwight and Angela having a baby? I thought Angela was the type of girl that had to be married before spawning Satan's child? And how do you think Pam and Jim are going to do as parents?

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