Robot Chicken: "Dear Consumer" Review Season 4, Episode 20

Not satisfied with the "Half-Assed" Christmas special two years ago, Robot Chicken returned for a "Full-Assed" special, filled with all the toys, treats and hacked-off appendages you'd expect from this show. In addition to some reoccurring characters, quick sketches and parodies of popular yuletide stories, we also got to see Santa Claus in a number of roles: as a victim, an innocent bystander, and as a vengeful assassin cleaning up his "naughty" list.

Things got started with an intense showdown between a naughty boy and St. Nick. While the boy's mother put up a fight, utilizing a kitchen full of utensils as weapons, Santa emerged victorious. The boy didn't last as long as his mom did against the bad-ass Kris Kringle, earning a surprise bullet to the chest for his naughtiness this past year. The scene morphed into a James Bond-style opening credit sequence and the Full-Assed Christmas special was rolling.

Santa got himself into a number of other scrapes in this episode, including dealing with the brothers from Asgard. Loki donned a Thor disguise to get his brother put on the "naughty" list which resulted in exactly the kind of bloody mayhem you'd want, with poor Santa looking stunned on the sidelines. Santa then tried to help a little boy trapped in a well, but his reindeer "helped" first by throwing a grenade into the hole and blowing the kid out. And finally, in the episode's tag, a dead Santa lay next to a family's Christmas tree, the remnants of half-eaten cookies and milk by his side. "How was I supposed to know he was allergic to nuts?" asked the child's puzzled mom.

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