'The Office' Recap: Breastfeeding the Wrong Baby - Not a Good Sign Season 6, Episode 17

Still doubt that sweet little promo that goes, "On The Office, it's always been Jim and Pam?" After "The Delivery" we reckon the objections ought to be more hushed.

Of course, it's not always about Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) on The Office. On this two-part offering, for instance, the second half clearly paled in comparison with the first, when the whole Dunder Mifflin gang was onboard. Sure, Jim and Pam grabbing the wrong baby was hilarious, but other than that, the two's charms only work amidst a backdrop of crazy Office scenarios.

On "The Delivery" Pam had been pregnant for around ten months, and that baby really needed to get out. To make the most out of their insurance, the two wanted to wait it out until midnight before they go to the hospital. Never mind that the interval between Pam's contractions were down to two minutes. Dutifully, the Scranton people did their best to distract Pam. The task included poetry reading (by a very preppy Ryan), doing the evolution of dance (despite a torn scrotum), and suggestions to stick spicy food up Pam's butt.

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