'MasterChef' recap: The Souffle Also Rises

Previously on "No Reservations (About Crying)" (aka "MasterChef"), the would-be chefs were asked to make dessert, and Sheetal, Lee and Mike all failed. But no one failed more than you, Mike. So take your hats and get out. Which leaves us with five.

Credits! Contestants look hopeful and nondescript. Judges glare and get most of the screen time. Take-away lesson: keep that frown upside down.

We catch up with our amateur chefs in picturesque Marina Del Rey. They are tasked with serving a fish dish to "three of the most powerful food critics in America." Far be it from us to correct the pleasant-sounding lady who narrates this show, but that makes it sound like food critics have the power to get us into pre-emptive wars or at least sway the prices of zinc, as opposed to telling me whether or not the halibut's overcooked at the local fish house. Anyhow, to make sure that the contestants are using as fresh a protein as possible, they're going out to sea to catch the star ingredient of their entrée. We think we're going to need a bigger boat.

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