'Project Runway': Michael C. redeemed, Ivy steamed

What a topsy-turvy episode of "Project Runway," right?

Very quickly, let's go over the challenge and each of the teams. Spoilers!

The Challenge: Create resort wear, but then have your partner execute your design.

The Teams:

Mondo/Michael C. - We heart Mondo. He was decidedly not happy to be paired with the most ostracized designer on "Runway," but he not only pulled off the technical aspects of the challenge, but was open enough to really get to know and learn to like the much maligned Michael. As for their designs, Mondo's might have been too "juniors," but it still fit his fun sensibility. We think he could have pushed it a tiny bit more. Michael C's was executed beautifully, but it was a bit expected. (Oh, and how cute were they being all Tweedle Dee and Dum on the couch after judgment?)

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