'Top Chef' recap: One Night in Singapore

"Top Chef" Quickfire Challenge: After sampling the Singaporean street food with a local expert, the cheftestants have to create their own version of street food using only a wok. And the winner gets immunity! We thought they said immunity was over for the season? Damn. It's like a billion degrees and a trillion percent humidity as they cook, and all of the ingredients are labeled in Cantonese. After the dishes are all sampled, the winner is... Ed. Whew! Everyone totally thought it would be Angelo, but he got way up in his head and over-thought the whole thing.

Elimination Challenge: Create a menu for an event hosted by Food and Wine editor Dana Cowin. They have to work as a team, and cook everything a la minute for 80 people. They each decide to do one dish and do it well, but then Ed decides to add another dish without telling anyone. When Colicchio comes in, he says that they should all plan a second dish, so the people without immunity are really stressed out.

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